Twelve Classic Albums of the Late British Invasion

Jan 19, 2023 by Daniel de Visé

The British Invasion began with the Beatles. It ended, or at least engaged the enemy, when a generation of American folkies went to theaters, saw A Hard Day’s Night, bought electric guitars, formed rock bands and landed record contracts. But the Brits kept right on coming, releasing epic, influential albums through the close of the 1960s, each one launching a new rock-and-roll sub-genre that American listeners didn’t know they needed.

To my ears, the defining sound of the “late” British Invasion is a lead guitarist who sounds like B.B. King. As I chronicled in King of the Blues, boatloads of B.B. King singles arrived in Britain starting around 1964, inspiring a wave of newly minted guitar heroes, most of whom passed through the Yardbirds or John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers at some point.

Here, then, are a dozen classic albums of the late British Invasion.

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